er The Crooked Step

Your Majesty

Lyrics by: ???
Music by: ???
Notes: This song was originally recorded without vocals or keyboards on the Berklee Demos, and later with them.

Do you need the walls to spread apart?
Something's been sent here,
To free you, i am told.
A rising power that will break you,
Break you out you'll see,
Your fantasy unfold.
It can be won.
We will be one.
So many eyes that never open.
Too many chains that bind
The dreams that make us see.
There are no prisons in our kingdom.
Will you give your hand?
Say "yes, your majesty!"
It can be won.
We will be one.
Always go on,
Never saying you are done.
We're always looking for
A place where magic passion soars.
You'll find that if you're with us,
The magic's in your heart!
It can be won.
We will be one.
Now can you see
The gift we bring...
Your majesty!

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