To Live Forever

Lyrics by: John Petrucci
Music by: Dream Theater
Notes: This song was cut from Images and Words.

If i'd started from the top
And worked my way down
There'd be no reason
To live forever
To live forever

The starvation has turned
Me outside in
And the wind has blown
Me halfway across the world
Across the world

Why was i born
In an age of distrust
I'd offered some change
For a photograph

It will always stay the same
You will always be the same

Until i saw the desire for revenge
My heart never once went astray
As long as i have to die in the attempt
Then there is no reason
To live forever

I found you where
They left you there
A passing word that's gone forever

And searching my memory for answers
I saw the words of a letter you wrote
She said 'you don't have to live forever,
You don't want to live forever.'
And everything's changing now,
I don't want to live forever.

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