Lyrics by: Guillory
Music by: Guillory, Labrie

Father watch me fall
witness my mistakes
I have lost it all
I'm about to break

Before the sound of dawn
I turned my back on you
the life in me was gone
my consciousness withdrew

Fear...torementing me
Guilt...Won't let me be

I chose a different way
but there's nowhere I could hide
From one end of hte world
to the other side

I've never felt as cold
as I do today
there's nothing here to hold
no reason I should stay

Crucify...resist, deny
Kill the pain that dwells inside
send your word
from on high
so this part of me will die

Can you hear my thoughts
I know what I have done
You are all I've got
And I don't want to run

Surrender to your will
From the ashes I am new
Your prescence is revealed
Showing all that's true

Fear...Tormenting me
Guilt...Won't let me be