Scene Four: Beyond This Life

Lyrics by: John Petrucci
Music by: Dream Theater
Notes: This song details the popular newspaper account of Victoria Page's death. It claims that she was shot by Julian Baynes, in a drunken, jealous fit becuase he had lost her love to his brother Edward. The newspaper claims that Edward heard gunshots, ran to the scene and found Victoria dead, he tried to reason with Julian, but he shot himself. There are also more reincarnation themes in this song.

[Headline:] "Murder, young girl killed
Desperate shooting at Echo`s hill
Dreadful ending, killer died
Evidently suicide"

A witness heard a horrifying sound
He ran to find a woman dead and
Lying on the ground

Standing by her was a man
Nervous, shaking, gun in hand
Witness says he tried to help
But he`d turned the weapon on himself

His body fell across that poor young girl
After shooting out in vain
The witness ran to call for assistance
A sad close to a broken love affair

Our deeds have traveled far
What we have been is what we are

She wanted love forever
But he had another plan
He fell into an evil way
She had to let him down
She said "I can`t love a wayward man"

She may have found a reason to forgive
If he had only tried to change
Was their fatal meeting prearranged?

Had a violent struggle taken place?
There was every sign that lead there
Witness found a switchblade on the ground
Was the victim unaware?
They continued to investigate
They found a note in the killer`s pocket
It could have been a suicide letter
Maybe he had lost her love

I feel there`s only one thing left to do
I`d sooner take my life away
than live without losing you

Our deeds have traveled far
What we have been is what we are

All that we learn this time
(What we have been is what we are)
Is carried beyond this life

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