A Change of Seasons (Alternate Lyrics)

Lyrics by: Mike Portnoy
Music by: Dream Theater
Notes: This is the original version of A Change of Seasons that was written back in the Kevin days. Most of the lyrics are the same but there is an entire sectiont hat was taken out and replaced.

I remember a time
My frail, virgin mind
Watched the crimson sunrise
Imagined what it might find
Life was filled with wonder
I felt the warm wind blow
I must explore the boundaries
Transcend the depths of winter's snow

Innocence caressing me
I never felt so young before
There was so much life to see
Yet i knew there must be more

But those days are gone now
Changed like a leaf on a tree
Blown away forever
Into the cool autumn breeze
The snow has now fallen
And i know where i stand
All of my childhood memories
Left lying in the sand

In my den of inequity
Viciousness and delicacy
Struggled to find the sane
Struggled to ease the pain
Ignorance surrounding me
I've never been so filled with fear
Now i know that there is more
The warmth is gone
But the chill forever here

I'll always remember
The chill of november
The news of the fall
The sounds in the hall
The clock on the wall, ticking away
"seize the day"
I heard him say
Life will not always be this way.
Look around, and hear the sound
Another time like this can't be found.

We can learn from the past
But those days are gone

In my frail, virgin mind
Words have lost my way
I have to seize the day
To home i returned

Preparing for her flight
I held with all my might
Fearing my deepest fright
She walked into the night
She turned for one last look
She looked me in the eye
I said, 'i love you... good-bye.'

Please don't go

So far so few between
My eyes filled full
With desire fulfilled
All my dreams came true
All the world,
And all of you
Everyday there's a constant reminder
Of all the pleasures we shared together
Love is not just a passing word
It's a state of heart that goes on forever

I was blinded by a paradise
Utopia high in the sky
The love there will never come away
Deep in sorrow, wandering faraway

I stood outside in the rain for us
I tried to work out all of the pain for us
I sat alone and took the blame for us
My mind has torn and gone insane for us

Innocent sinner
Repeat offender
Promiscuous promiser
A faith lender
Indecisive decisions
Torn with heartless divisions
Watering all my visions of love

Of all the world, i give to you
All of the world,
All the world, i give to you
All of the world

I'm much wiser now
A lifetime of memories
Run through my head
Memories they taught me
For better or worse, alive or dead
I realize, there's no turning back
Life goes on the offbeaten track

I sit down with my son
Can't you see the crimson sunset
He's my only one
Now that my time has come
Now that my day is done
Looking into the sun he said
'don't go, don't go,
Please don't go, now.
Don't go, don't go, don't go, don't go.'

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