When Dream and Day Unite

Released: 1989

Lineup: Portnoy, Petrucci, Myung, Moore, Dominici

Length: 51:30

Tracklist: (click songs for 30 second samples!)

  1. A Fortune In Lies 5:12
  2. Status Seeker 4:17
  3. Ytse Jam 5:43
  4. The Kiling Hand 8:42 (45 second sample)
  5. Light Fuse and Get Away 7:23
  6. Afterlife 5:27
  7. The Ones Who help to Set the Sun 8:05 (45 second sample)
  8. Only A Matter of Time 6:37
Reviews: Availability: This is an easy one to find, even though the original cd is way out of print, it has been re-released twice by One-Way Records. One is a digi-pack limited edition (10,000) and another is a standard jewel case remaster. It has also recently been re-released again via AAO Music.

Purchase: Amazon.com, $9.98