Live at the Marquee

Released: 1993

Lineup: Portnoy, Petrucci, Myung, Moore, LaBrie

Length: 46:57

Tracklist: (click songs for 30 second samples!)

  1. Metropolis 9:32 (45 second sample)
  2. A Fortune In Lies 5:15
  3. Bombay Vindaloo 6:59
  4. Surrounded 6:00
  5. Another Hand/The Killing Hand 10:46 (60 second sample)
  6. Pull Me Under 8:22 (45 second sample)
Reviews: Availability: This album is import only and rather rare to find. Amazon usually has it, and I'd reccomdend ebay for better prices. There is also an alternate version from japan with a slightly different track listing, this is even harder to find, I would reccomend ebay.

Purchase:, $17.49

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