The Making of Falling Into Infinity

Released: 1997

Lineup: Portnoy, Petrucci, Myung, Sherinian, LaBrie

Length: 72:58

Tracklist: Click track names for 30 second samples

  1. New Millenium Basic Tracks 1:47
  2. New Millenium PIano, Accoustic Guitar, Stick and 7 string guitar overdubs 2:04
  3. You Not Me Basic Tracks 2:04
  4. You Not Me Strings, Piano, Vocals and Key overdubs. 3:35
  5. Peruvian Skies Basic Tracks 1:38
  6. Peruvian Skies Rhodes, Mellotron, Acoustic guitar and Vocals overdubs 5:18
  7. Hollow Years Basic Tracks 3:58
  8. Hollow Years Acoustic, Edge and Classical guitar and Vocals overdubs 4:28
  9. Burning My Soul Basic Tracks 1:14
  10. Guitar, Key, Vocals, Talk box and Whisper overdubs 3:47
  11. Hell's Kitchen Writing the Finale 6:07
  12. Lines in the Sand Intro, Key, Piano and String overdubs 3:49
  13. Lines in the sand Bass, Guitar, SYnth and Vocals overdubs 3:27
  14. Lines in the Sand Doug PInnick Vocals 3:01
  15. Take Away My Pain Alternate Take 6:12
  16. Take Away My Pain Basic Tracks 2:07
  17. Take Away My Pain Space guitar, Hawaiin keys, Heavy keys and Vocals overdubs 2:16
  18. Just Let Me Breathe Basic Tracks 1:02
  19. Just Let Me Breathe Feedback and Rhythm guitars, Lead guitar and Keys, Vocal overdubs 2:28
  20. Anna Lee Derek Noodling at the Piano 2:14
  21. Anna Lee Basic Tracks 3:46
  22. Anna Lee Mellotron, Acoustic and Leslie guitars, Slide guitar overdubs 2:59
  23. Trial of Tears Basic Tracks 2:11
  24. Trial of Tears Lead guitar, Bass, Acoustic guitar and Piano overdubs 2:52
  25. The end? 0:27
Reviews: Availability: This album was given out as a gift to members of the fan club back in 1997, there were only 3400 created. You may be able to download the tracks from this CD online using a file sharing program. (this is legal, as the CDs were never offered for sale, but were in fact a gift) You can also occasionally find it on eBay for large amounts of money.

Purchase: This album is out of print and is not available.

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