Stream of Consciousness

Released: 2003

Lineup: Andy Rowland, Ant Low, Diasuke Kurosawa, Linear Sphere, Richard Campbell, Brian Wherry, Redemption, Eric Clemenzi

Length: 79:02

Tracklist: Click Songs for samples!

  1. Andy Rowland & Ant Low 12:14 (60 second sample)
  2. Daisuke Kurosawa 10:58 (60 second sample)
  3. Linear Sphere - Scent Of Carbonite 11:19 (60 second sample)
  4. Richard Campbell 11:12 (60 second sample)
  5. Brian Wherry 10:59 (60 second sample)
  6. Redemption 10:50 (60 second sample)
  7. Eric Clemenzi 10:29 (60 second sample)
Reviews: Availability: This album is being given away as a gift to members of the fan club. This was released as a bonus along with Graspop Festival 2002.

Purchase: This album is out of print, as it has already been sent out to DTIFC members.

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