Taste the Memories

Released: 2002

Lineup: Portnoy, Petrucci, Myung, Moore, LaBrie

Length: 79:53

Tracklist: Click track names for 30 second samples.

  1. Mission: Impossible 1:21
  2. Afterlife 6:08
  3. Under A Glass Moon 7:13
  4. Wait For Sleep 3:49
  5. Moon Bubbles 9:52 (45 second sample)
  6. To Live Forever 12:18 (60 second sample)
  7. Only A Matter of Time 6:43
  8. Puppies on Acid 1:56
  9. Take The Time 10:48 (60 second sample)
  10. A Change of Seasons 19:42 (105 second sample)
Reviews: Availability: This album was given out as a gift to members of the fan club back in 2002, there were only 6600 created. You may be able to download the tracks from this CD online using a file sharing program. (this is legal, as the CDs were never offered for sale, but were in fact a gift) You can also occasionally find it on eBay for large amounts of money.

Purchase: This album is out of print and is not available.

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